Vendredi 11 mars 2011

the first following the stream

the first following the stream ran the city moat, to see the little girl put lanterns. The river has long been packed full of people. A group of young girl wearing a colored Luoqun, have to do well from sunglass sale a peach light hands into the water, while their hands together, quietly read prayer, “they are doing,” Xiaolan surprise. “It do not know, they put lanterns in, hope hear of a Mr. Right yet.” Next to a ten-year-old boy words, “You are What to put lantern.” Xiaolan asked a young face red. I laughed, “is looking for a sweetheart on it.” Junior looked at me surprised then said: “Is not it the son.” I Road. “Is to watch the next.” Juvenile Road, “to watch it will go to the temple city of Huang. And so will guess the riddle, good luck, can rock it in the juniors.” “Sansei stone,” my mind puzzled was about pink ghd to ask, here comes a red dress girl, boy away from me, Ben flew her away. Most are passionate teenager. I watched him leave. Heart sigh. He tried to turn  woman sunglass online around, Suddenly he heard a burst of crying to the River. Tracks the sound looked, but it is a fifteen-year-old woman, powdery white clothing, shaking his head stuck in a silver-step, is where the hide his face from crying. I could not help walking past, just listen to a woman next to: “The light turned peach, no wonder she was crying.” I listened, Heart mercy. Looked up to see the shore There is a four-year-old Shidi little girl holding a peach light, want to put in there. I am busy running over the girl said: “Well sister, your peach blossom light to sell me please?” Du Zhuozui the girl said: “do not sell, I would like to find Mr. Right yet.” I listened to could not help laughing: “You are still very small then, can put the thing next year.”

“Anyway, I do not sell,” I am extremely anxious mind, I suddenly thought of the arms of the villain, out to busy road, “Take this and you can change good. “the girl saw that the little man wearing a long gown, the eyes light up, but hesitated,” It is one, I want a pair. “I have another villain that day to iron Muslim ears, this time to where to find. Are palpitation, the one hand outstretched, the hands were holding a compact Hosta, a gentle male voice sounded: “girl, coupled with this may be enough.” “Enough, enough.” Joy girl took the different some kind to hand the peach light into my hands, turned and went. I am busy river, the peach light gives the weeping woman. Go back and see the man’s face. Thud brain at once, V to all burning. “Xia Yang.” I cried, exclaimed. For a time nothing around there. Between heaven and earth I am the only two. “Son, you are mistaken, the next Huangfu Shaohua. I dare name the son.” The man smiled and said. Xia Yang not be exactly the same face clearly. I could not help hand over and touched his mini ghd cheek. “Son.” Xiaolan call out the side. Found myself drooling, I whirled back, take a deep breath a few times, woman sunglass  gradually calm state of mind. Re-raised his head and said: “Huangfu son, the next Liuming Tang.” “Liu Gongzi, Jiuyang heard so much about.” Huangfu Shaohua hand over the road. “Why do not we go to Temple Bar.” He then said. I nodded, silently followed behind him, look, the sound is like. But not him. Xia Yang Could that past lives.
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